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At KOA Resources, our mission is to offer custom administrative solutions designed for individuals and businesses, along with specialized business-to-business contracting services.We're dedicated to delivering a welcoming, no-obligation consultation to assess your requirements. Get in touch with us today!


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The CEO's passion for helping others find resources has been unwavering. It all began in the mid-2008, when she dedicated her time to aid friends, family, and neighbors with various form completions, both in person or remote. Over time, her dedication grew, leading her to become a notary in multiple states. This marked a significant shift in her services, transitioning from free assistance to establishing a registered business in November 2018. As client demands evolved, the CEO adapted by expanding her team and forming partnerships with other prominent companies. This collaboration enables them to offer suitable and affordable services. Our team comprises of experts who hold memberships with esteemed organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management, American Society of Administrative Professionals, Scrum Master Institute, American Payroll Association, CompTIA Security+(Plus), American Medical Billing Association, National Notary Association,  and Association of Proposal Management Professional. Our ultimate goal is to provide the support necessary for your success.

At KOA Resources, we are fully committed to making your business our business.

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