We make your business ours!



About KOA Resources

KOA Resources is a Minority and Women-owned  business that provide swift and valuable  administrative support services to individuals and business . We handle Business Registration Solution, Operation Administrative Services, Outsourced HR Solutions and Notary Services. Name Your Needs - We Make Your Dream Come True! 

Our Mission

At KOA Resources our mission is to provide swift and valuable administrative services to our clients.

Our Vision
We are committed to providing guidance that inspire and encourage individuals and business continued success. With emphasis on ease of access, we virtually deliver excellent services to our clients and provide in person service at mutually agreed locations.

At KOA Resources, we make YOUR business OUR business. Contact us today!

Our Values

We share full disclosure and offer all options in your decision for our service.
We appreciate the faith and confidence you have in us and go above and beyond to stay reliable.
We respect and appreciate differences in age, gender, ethnicity, education, physical abilities, race, and religion among individuals.
We believe in bringing meaning to life by giving back to our communities.
Continuous Improvement
We are proud to make your business our business with continued support, we all succeed.