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Your Outsourced Human Resource!
Screening & Hiring - On boarding - Payroll & Admin - Compliance - Training

Safe Working Environment

Let’s Start Team Building For Your Business.

Accounting Documents

Onboarding Your New Hires

Establishing a New Hire Onboarding Checklist.

Now that you’ve hired the right person, what’s next? You want to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

KOA Resources will perform all necessary and important administrative tasks, such as:

  • Collecting new employee information

  • Performing new employee background checks


  • Collecting all pertinent employee data required by the state


  • Reviewing and checking employee licensing, if required


  • Performing immigration verification


  • Ensuring that new hires receive your employee handbook containing policies  and procedures 


  • Ensuring new hires are informed about their employee benefits


  • Making accommodations for Spanish-speaking employees


  • Providing modes of contact, including telephone numbers, for new hires  regarding workplace questions, and more…


We stay with you throughout the year to make sure you remain compliant in each category each and every year.

Document with Pen
Office Employees

Let us Help Your Automate Your Payroll Management

Payroll should be automatic and stress-free. We can help you do that.

KOA Resources will help you set up software programs that will make payroll stress-free.

  • W-2 employees, timeclock calculation and employee login, tax forms

  • 1099 contracts and tax forms

  • Worker’s compensation

We also generate tax reports that you can take to your accountant at the end of the year!

Your company has the right stuff. Now you need the right staff.

Hiring near me! KOA Resources helps you find the right people. People who will be a great fit for your company, its vision and its mission.

We can find help you the right person more quickly and easily than you would via a traditional job board.
KOA Resources’ proprietary method for finding the right candidates has a proven track record of success, 
which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time sifting through online applications, cover letters, and resumes.


We make sure that your job posting is compliant.

Compliance may not be the first thing you consider about when you post that “Now Hiring” ad. KOA Resources knows how to find the local, state, and federal laws that apply to you and your company, as well as any applicable industry standards, so that you can create a fair and honest job posting.


We are here for you throughout the screening process.

From resume review to screening sessions, KOA Resources refers only the best and most qualified candidates for you to interview. Let us refer the right candidates to you so you can sit back and interview.
There are no fees unless you choose to hire!

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