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Individual Services

  • In Person Notary           

  • Divorce Record Applications

  • College Application Services  

  • Foreign Transcript Evaluation Service        

  • US Visa Lottery Application            

  • Resume Writing Service

  • Business Credit Consult

  • Hiring Consult

  • Staffing Agency Consult

  • Trucking Business Consult

  • Business Start Up Consult

  • Loan Consult- Prescreen *

  • Freight Broker Consult

  • Payroll Consult 

  • Non-Profit Consult

  • Employee Benefit Consult

This service is not offered in all states.* 


Business Administrative Package


Initial Kick Off Meeting

We initiate each client relationship with a comprehensive kickoff call lasting one and a half hours. During this call, we engage in a thorough discussion to understand your specific requirements. This call takes place remotely, and we diligently take notes to gain insights into your business administration needs. Before commencing our monthly admin service, we will create a customized service list tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Additionally, we will provide you with detailed information about the service, sharing all the relevant particulars. To further assist your business, we will develop a strategy document that encompasses a comprehensive roadmap for your project plan setup. In addition, we will recommend suitable software solutions that align with your business needs based on our discussion. Following the initial meeting, we will schedule a 45-minute debrief call to ensure that we are in sync with your goals and objectives. This kickoff process incurs a one-time fee. Subsequently, we will guide and support you in selecting a monthly service from the options listed below.

Office Admin Only

Our services encompass the administrative aspects of your business, taking care of various tasks such as email management, Client Relationship Management (CRM), daily fax and mail submissions. Additionally, we hold a monthly scheduled meeting to provide service updates. Please note that clients are responsible for any third-party software and setup charges.

Full Office Admin

Our expertise extends beyond Office Admin Only services to encompass comprehensive management of business registrations, certifications, licenses, and permits, including all necessary renewals. We also ensure that our clients stay informed through a monthly scheduled meeting dedicated to service updates. Please note that any third-party charges and setup fees are the responsibility of each individual client.

Office Admin & HR Service

Our team manages all the services mentioned in the Full Office Admin package, as well as all the services included in the HR Service for client staff. Additionally, we have a monthly scheduled meeting to provide service updates. Please note that each client is accountable for any third-party charges and setup fees incurred.

HR Service

Our HR Services are customized to meet the unique needs of every business. We take care of crucial tasks such as employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, offboarding, and benefits management. To keep our clients informed, we hold monthly meetings where we provide service updates. It's important to note that third-party charges and setup fees are the responsibility of each client. 

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