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KOA Resources gains Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Verification

Updated: Jun 24

KOA Resources is thrilled to announce the achievement of a Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Certification! Bestowed to us on June 1st 2023, this certification  highlights our dedication to hiring military veterans. As a certified V3 employer, KOA Resources reaffirms their commitment to aiding veterans' transition into civilian careers by exceeding yearly veteran hiring targets through ongoing outreach, training, and recruitment initiatives.

Participating in the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program underscores our deep appreciation for the service of our country's veterans. We recognize and cherish the expertise, dedication, and skills veterans bring to both our customers and the KOA Resources community. We are certain and dedicated to offering  veterans the support, guidance, and opportunities they deserve as they embark on their next career phase.

With over 725,000 veterans residing in Virginia, their unique skills and training make them invaluable assets to the organizations that employ them. The Virginia Values Veterans program, administered by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), collaborates with companies and governmental agencies statewide to promote veteran recruitment, hiring, and retention. Since its establishment in 2012, the V3 Program, along with its partner employers, has facilitated the hiring of over 32,000 veterans.


The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), operates 30 benefits offices across the state to assist military veterans and their families in navigating federal veterans benefits claims. Additionally, it manages two long-term care facilities providing various services for veterans, along with three cemeteries offering a befitting final resting place for veterans and their families. DVS connects veterans and their families with services spanning behavioral healthcare, housing, employment, education, and more. Furthermore, the Department oversees the Virginia War Memorial, honoring the memory and sacrifice of Virginia's servicemen and women from World War II to the present. For further details, please visit


Established in 2018, KOA Resources is dedicated to offering personalized administrative services for individuals and businesses alike, ensuring organizational efficiency and focus. As a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Organization, we provide comprehensive, no-obligation consultations to evaluate your needs. Partner with us for tailored Business-to-Business contracting solutions. Learn more at


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Director of Operations

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Benedict Boateng

Human Resources Specialist

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