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Business Colleagues
Business Colleagues
Signing a Contract

Want to Bid on Contracts?

Want to start a business but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it?

If you don’t have all of the answers, that’s okay.

KOA Resources is here to help you start a business.
  • We will help you remove the roadblocks that have been stopping you from starting a business.
  • We will help you fine-tune the vision and mission of your business.
  • We will help you launch your unique service-industry business and/or help you promote your proprietary 
We know that money and finances are vital to the life and success of a business.
We will help you to create a budget that allows you to save money and invest in your business at the same time.

Whether you are starting a business or want to make sure your current business is up to date, we are
here to listen to your needs and provide expert advice.

Your consultation will include an unbiased, detailed assessment of your business.
Ready to get started? 


Whether you are starting up a business or are already in business, your business should be registered.

The registration process can be quite complex and it differs in each state and locality throughout the U.S.

Business registration is important. It ensures that your business is in compliance.
Once your business is officially registered, your business registration needs to remain current in order for you to operate. These requirements are specific to the state and locality where your business is registered.


We do business registration in all 50 states. *

Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, partnerships, or corporations, we do it all. Business registration means paperwork and applications. It also means having the right licenses and procedures in place to responsibly own and operate your


We can help you navigate the fine print. We will work alongside you throughout the entire process, making sure

that the specific needs of your business are being met.

From notary businesses to car washes to tire repair shops and more, KOA Resources is here to ensure that your


transition from your vision to your business is smooth and seamless.

*For Maryland business registration or Virginia business registration, we can consult
with you in person. Let Us Help You with Our Quick and Easy Business Setup

If your business goal is working with the military or the government at any level, there are specific rules

and regulations your business must follow.

Your business must submit the right paperwork to bid on government contracts.

KOA Resources stays up to date with the latest changes and knows what paperwork to file for your business

in order to ensure that you are “ready, set, go” to bid on local, state, and federal contracts. Just ask us how!

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