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KOA Resources Staffing Services

We offer freedom from the old ways of approaching work, and partner with great companies that aren’t stuck in the stone age. By embracing diversity in all forms, including workstyles, we thrive together. We’ve been transforming ourselves for a while now—constantly striving to reach our full potential, so we can help you maximize yours. We’ll help you find what’s next.

      WHAT WE DO

  • Temporary Staffing

  • Temp To Hire Staffing

  • Permanent Staffing 

  • Remote Work Hiring

  • Resume Screening

We screen resumes to ensure the right match for the job. Based on your requirements, our candidates are best fits that are presented to deliver value to your organizations

  • Job Specific Interviews

Interviewing candidates is a skill we have mastered and is evident in the quality candidates we recommend for hiring. Let us help you get the right questions asked to enhance your ability to find the right staff.

  • Background Checks

Job and personal references, driving records, criminal background check, and any relevant check that requires for the job is a routine part of our staffing processes.

  • Right Staff for the right job

The ultimate result of our Staffing services - making sure you get the best. Call us today and let us get you solutions.  

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